Pratt Mobile Job Center Wins Power of Libraries Award


Pratt Library Awarded National Honor

The Enoch Pratt Free Library is proud to accept the Power of Libraries Award presented by SirsiDynix for the creation of the Mobile Job Center.  The Power of Libraries Award is a national honor awarded to library systems that are helping bring about change in their community.

“We are happy to award the Enoch Pratt Free Library our annual Power of Libraries Award for the work they have done with the Mobile Job Center,” says Eric Keith, Chief Marketing Officer with SirsiDynix.  “The social and racial inequalities experienced in Baltimore are immense and the work of Enoch Pratt is truly monumental. When we read about their Mobile Job Center and its success we were truly impressed. They are a genuine expression of the power a library can have in its community.”

Since it hit the road in May of 2017, the Pratt Mobile Job Center has helped nearly ten thousand customers with resumes, cover letters, job searches, interview skills, referrals and more.  “In under a year, we’ve already seen the impact the Mobile Job Center is having in Baltimore,” says Pratt Library President & CEO Heidi Daniel. “We’re thankful to BGE and Exelon for their partnership in making the dream of a Mobile Job Center into a reality.”

The Pratt Mobile Job Center is on the road five days a week helping an average of 10 to 11 customers per hour. The state-of-the-art vehicle has regular stops in eight Baltimore communities, as well as special appearances at dozens of job fairs and events across the city.



Black Women’s History Month Resources: Part 1

In 2014, the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta declared April as Black Women’s History Month. Pratt Library staff have highlighted related texts in the Humanities Department, Fine Arts and Music Department, and African American Department. Please enjoy the major contributions black women have made to religion, theatre, poetry, writing, political thought, activism, and art.  Check back for two more posts this month.

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Womanist Theology

Womanist theology is the reconceptualizing of Christian theology by black women for black women. It came into being as a reaction to social realities that marginalized black women on several fronts. The feminist movement had been largely in the hands of white female leadership and was not inclusive of the experiences of black women while black theology had been a historically male-dominated discipline. It is different from black feminism, seeking to depart from any link to mainstream feminism and to be self-defined.


Poetry & Writing

Included here is literary criticism by award-winning author Toni Morrison, “Playing in the Dark”, in which she brings to light the depths of racism in the Western literary canon and how she meticulously writes to create a black literary canon. Morgan Parker’s “There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce” and Alexis Pauline Gumb’s “Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity” are poetry written in celebration and in honor of the resiliency of black women. Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen” is poetry that addresses the struggles that result from trying to survive in a country that mistreats its black citizens still today.


Explore the work of Jackie Ormes and other great black women comic book or graphic novelists as well as heroes. Diversity in comics led to a wave of new creators who represent a different spectrum of society.

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Check out our New Hours!

All branches open 6 days week.  Central Library open 7 days.





Thanks to commitments from both the state and the city, the Pratt Library is expanding hours.  Starting today, all 21 branches will be open 6 days a week.  The Central Library will be open 7 days a week year-round.  We’re so excited to offer more programming and access to our customers across the city of Baltimore.  We’ll be expanding hours even more in 2018… so stay tuned!