Looking to Change Career Paths?

Find out how others changed their lives by changing their careers.

On May 18, the Pratt Library and Maryland Education Opportunity Center hosted “Game Changer: How We Transformed our Careers.”

The program featured Kevin Hatcher, who went from a Program Administrator at the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene to a massage therapist; Leslie Howard, who went from steelworker to lawyer, Dr. Akunna Iheanacho, from teacher to biomedical scientist; Brenda Lake, who traded a life in sales for a career in human resources; Maryland Delegate Mary Washington, statistician, professor and state delegate.

Hear their inspiring stories by clicking the podcast below:

Writers LIVE! Presents P.J. Crowley

Writer, P.J. Crowley discussed his new book, Red Line: American Foreign Policy in a Time of Fractured Politics and Failing States  with veteran White House reporter, April Ryan earlier this month during a Writers LIVE! program.

Check out his new book from the Pratt Library by clicking the cover:

And listen to the Pratt Podcast of the May program here: