Check out the Pratt Pamphlet Play Index

Looking for audition material or a play for class? Check out the Pratt Pamphlet Play Collection.

Recently, an actor came into the Central Library and told staff she never missed a chance to check out the Pamphlet Play Collection. The acting editions of plays are located in the Humanities Department.  Most plays in the collection are arranged alphabetically by author.

The Collection contains:

  • Audition material
  • Plays to perform
  • Copies of a play to read for class

Using the Pamphlet Play Index, it’s possible to find a short play in a collection, a comedy about a certain topic or a drama for a certain number or actors or actresses. You can also find plays by genre, such as mysteries or farces. There are also separate sections for collections such as Auditions and Monologues, Christmas Plays. Also, an advanced search can be created for the specific kind of play sought. For example, by combining search features it is possible to find a monologue by Edward Albee, a dramatic adaptation of Animal Farm, a comedy for 3 men and 6 women, or a melodrama for a high school group.

So, head to Humanities at the Central Library to check out Pamphlet Plays.

Master Technology from Home

Having trouble figuring out Microsoft?  Want to learn more about Blockchain? How about video game programming?

You can learn it all without ever leaving your house with Safari Books.

With your Pratt Library card you have access to Safari Books, guides for technology. Safari Books Online is the premiere on-demand digital library providing over 44124 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online to academic and library users. The resources can help with both personal and professional development.  Some top titles include:

Android™ How to Program, Third Edition by Paul Deitel and Harvey M. Deitel

Beginning Node.js byBasarat Ali Syed

Head First C by David Griffiths and Dawn Griffiths

Check out Safari Books today with your Pratt Library card. 


Black Women’s History Month Resources: Part 3

In 2014, the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta declared April as Black Women’s History Month. Pratt Library staff have highlighted related texts in the Humanities Department, Fine Arts and Music Department, and African American Department. Please enjoy the major contributions black women have made to religion, theatre, poetry, writing, political thought, activism, and art. Check out the first and second post for more suggested reading.

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Black Feminism

Included here are works by seminal scholars that consider black women’s historical contributions to the feminist movement. Several texts reflect on intersectionality- the theory that race, class, gender, and other social categorization creates overlapping identities that shape black women’s experiences in ways often very different from white women.  


Highlighted here are works by and about influential but lesser known black women, including early suffragists, Civil Rights leaders, Black Panthers, and contemporary cultural critics.


Additional anthologies, essays, and speeches reflecting on race, gender, feminism, and popular culture.

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Hot New Titles at the Pratt this Spring

A former U.S. President teams up with a best-selling author in one of the hottest new titles this spring.

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New Fiction Titles

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New Nonfiction Titles

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New Spanish Language Titles


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