Oh So Sweet Baking Cookbooks

by Rachel Frisch, she/her, Walbrook Branch Manager

As we stay at home, many of us are picking up or rediscovering baking as a hobby. Methodical mixing and measuring can allow us to relax, promote mindfulness, and even reinforce math concepts. Enjoy it as a quiet solo activity, or share the experience with your family.

However you choose to bake, the Pratt’s free digital resources are here to help.

While The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook includes a variety of savory and dessert selections, the “Sweets” section includes fancy-feeling yet accessible options for cookies, pies and tarts, cakes, and puddings, and candy. Each recipe opens with a relatable personal anecdote about how Perelman devised or adapted the recipe. Visit her blog for more delicious ideas. Favorite Bake: Gooey Cinnamon Squares. They’re like snickerdoodle casserole!

In this update to Bittersweet (2003), Medrich explains why different percentages or types of chocolate are the right choice for each carefully refined recipe. Childhood memories add an evocative dose of personality to descriptions of these chocolate desserts. Favorite bake: Best Cocoa Brownies. Prepare to abandon box mix brownies for these decadent treats.

Curated from the popular blog of the same name, these recipes are straightforward and fun, perfect for when you need a low-stress project. The collection includes breakfast bakes, breads, and healthier alternatives, as well as standard categories like cookies, cakes, and pies. Favorite bake: Frosted Sugar Cookies. These are extra soft, and what’s more fun than decorating.