New Titles for Children: Back-To-School Edition!

It’s that time of year! These new books, DVDs, and online resources will help prepare your kids to get back in the classroom.

Children’s Books About School

Children’s Reference Books For English


Children’s Reference Books For Math

See a full list of new children’s titles here.

Watch and learn with these educational DVDs

Practice reading online with our new online resource, BookFLIX

Use BookFLIX at your local library or at home! With colorful animation, rich audio, and interactive games, BookFLIX is a perfect resource to engage and support readers from Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

BookFLIX includes:

  • Classic video storybooks matched with a related nonfiction eBook
  • Spanish language versions of many pairs of matched videos and eBooks
  • Read Aloud support
  • Educational games and activities
  • Recommended, age-appropriate links to allow students to extend their learning on a subject
  • Meet the author section

Try it out now here!