Love Songs at the Library

by Flory, Fine Arts and Music Librarian

Looking to serenade someone this Valentine’s Day? Come to the Fine Arts and Music Department at the Central Library to find the perfect song. From Beyoncé to Broadway Hits, we have the sheet music for collections of love songs that span decades, genres, instruments and languages!

Browse our catalog for some of our scores by using search terms like “Love Songs,” “Wedding Songs,” “Ballads,” “Popular Music,” “Hits,” or even  the title of a film you know the song is in.

Our massive song index can help you find “that one song, by that one guy,” so you can do your thing! Our music specialists can be reached by phone at 410-396-5490, online, or IRL at the Central Library Fine Arts and Music department. Let us help you find the guitar, vocal, or piano music to “your song,” to up your Valentine’s Day game. Click a the title below to reserve your copy.