Are You Still Paying to Download Books to your Device?

by Meghan McCorkell, Pratt Library Communications Director

I admit it. I should have known better.  But, as the Library Communications Director, even I didn’t know how easy it was to download library books to my Kindle.  But, I can tell you, now that I’ve done it, I will never go back.  In just a few clicks, I have the hottest eBooks and eAudiobooks at my fingertips.  All you need is a library card.  And if we don’t have the title you want, you can hit the “Recommend” button.  I recommended a book, and two weeks later it was available.  We put together a video that breaks it down for you.

And, it’s not just books.  Looking for your favorite magazine? Check out RB Digital Gateway for online access to full color digital magazines anytime, anywhere.  Tired of paying for a streaming service? InstantFlix offers thousands of movies at the click of a button.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out all our Downloads and Streaming Services here and you can put money back into your wallet.