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Interested in what’s new on the Pratt’s shelves? Here’s a look at the latest books and DVDs available at our libraries. Visit your local branch for a copy or check out our digital library. 

The Last White Man
By Mohsin Hamid
Book | eBook | eAudio
The Many Daughters of Afong Moy
By Jamie Ford
Book | eBook | eAudio
By Emma Donaghue
Book | eBook | eAudio
Carrie Soto Is Back
By Taylor Jenkins Reed
Book | eBook | eAudio
Scenes from My Life
By Michael K. Williams
The House of Fortune
By Jessie Burton
Book | eBook
The Mamas
By Helena Andrews-Dyer
The Bodyguard
By Katherine Center
Book | eBook | eAudio
Mercury Pictures Presents
By Anthony Marra
Book | eBook | eAudio
A Lesson in Vengeance
By Victoria Lee

Book | eBook

The Things We Love
By Aaaron Ahuvia


The Witch Haven
By Sasha Peyton Smith

eBook | eAudiobook