Download Marvel’s “What If?” eBooks

Titanic tales of triumph and tragedy in the mighty Marvel tradition – with a twist! Overseen by the Watcher, the most offbeat series of all revisited major Marvel moments, asking the tantalizing question: what if?

Imagine that a young Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four! Consider the Hulk with Bruce Banner’s brain! Envision a world where the Avengers never existed – or one where they assembled in the 1950s! 

Marvel fans, if you are enjoying “What If?” on Disney +, you’ll want to take a look at the What If? Collection on Hoopla.

About What If? The Complete Collection

Part 1 of The What If ?
by Roy Thomas, Illustrated by Jim Craig

Part 2 of The What If ?
by Roy Thomas, Illustrated by John Buscema
Part 3 of The What If ?
by Frank Miller, Illustrated by Frank Miller
Part 4 of The What If ?
by John Byrne, Illustrated by John Byrne