Tips: Writing, Memoirs, Journalism

by Naomi Hafter, Librarian, Humanities Department

In a memoir, even in an essay or an article, your focus is on an event or time period. A time period smaller than a biography. A memoir is a chance to be the hero of your story — here are some tips how.

This is a perfect time to begin writing and describing your experiences and thoughts as we go through this period of quarantine and watching our world change due to the COVID-19. Or, maybe there’s another story or memory you’d like to write about.

Whether you’d like to be a blogger, journalist, write memory or experience now is a great time to begin. Here some tips to get started.

  • Before you start writing you’ll want to choose a topic or theme.
  • What are your interests or what do you want to describe?
  • Describe your surroundings, include details to grab people’s interests.
  • Who are the other people, your characters?
  • Tell us, your reader, how they fit into your story, memory. 
  • Think about your audience. This will help you with your ‘voice.’ This means how you describe or talk about what you’re telling people.  
  • What is your story and what you’d like to reflect on.
  • What’s unique to your story?
  • What caught your attention in the first place?

Once you’ve written your experience or thoughts consider looking it over again or showing it to a friend before you send it out publicly. This will help you make sure your writing is clear.

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