Drive-In Wi-Fi Available Now

Wi-Fi is now available outside of 4 library branch locations. At this time, outdoor Wi-Fi is only accessible on certain sides of the buildings. We’re working to boost the Wi-Fi signals at these locations, and several others to provide free service for the community.

Orleans St. Branch  
1303 Orleans St
Wi-Fi available along Orleans St.

Patterson Park Branch  
158 N. Linwood Ave
Wi-Fi available along Pulaski Hwy.

Forest Park Branch
3023 Garrison Blvd
Wi-Fi available along Garrison Blvd.

Herring Run Branch
3801 Erdman Ave
Wi-Fi available along Erdman Ave.

You do not need a library card to access WiFi. You do need to enter a password:

Network: epfl-wpa
Password: epfl-wpa

Social distancing guidelines must be maintained at all sites.