Head on Over to Hoopla

By Emilie Pichot, Librarian Associate

Here’s a look at some of the recent films that I’ve enjoyed on Hoopla.

Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! From the Hood to Hollywood

In her first full stand up special, Haddish talks about growing up in the foster care system, dealing with bullies, homelessness, and taking Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith to the swamp. Favorite part: when she talks us through her method of seeking revenge on her cheating boyfriend and uses a ton of puns.

Watch the special here.

The Cook, the Thief, his Wife & Her Lover

By Peter GreenawayThis is a highly chromatic, sensual, and grotesque tale that follows Helen Mirren’s character as she falls in
love with another man in the restaurant her husband, a gangster, owns, but abuses. Watch if you love food, luxurious costume design, and sweet revenge.

Beware the ending is not for those with weak stomachs! Favorite Scene: When Mirren’s character’s outfit changes color between the restaurant hallway and restroom. So fun!

This film is rated NC-17.

Stream the film here. 

By Chang-dong Lee

A new, award-winning slow-build thriller about a young man in Seoul who runs into an old childhood friend from where he grew up in the countryside. She brings him into her life and eventually introduces him to Ben, a man with lots of money but little empathy.

This film is a critical view into contemporary Korean society, and how globalism and capitalism has affected its culture, particularly its young people. Scary scene: When Ben talks about seeing people cry. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

This film is not rated, however includes nudity, sexual activity, language, and implied violence.

Watch the film here.

By Panos Cosmatos

This film is a wildly and ridiculously entertaining saturated 80’s throwback with a synth and metal score, bright neon colors, and references to Hellraiser. Don’t watch if you’re looking for Mandy to have any character development, though, but if you like the idea of watching a campy hyper masculine fantasy with pretty colors and gore, you’ll enjoy this.

Favorite scene: When Mandy laughs at the antagonist. #goals

Not Rated, however includes lots of violence and gore, substance abuse, and a cult.

Stream Mandy here.